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July 8th, 2016

This afternoon, I had an unbelievable experience which I feel was a divine communication.  Recently my brother Ken passed away, but several weeks before he passed, I went to visit him for a few days.  We had a chance to talk about many old memories and things that had been very special to us.  We sang together like we did with our Dad back in the day.  Ken wanted to sing a song called, “I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone.”  He said it was one of his favorite old gospel songs.  He sang out clear and strong in spite of his pain and said he didn’t care about his pain he wanted to sing anyway.

Now, my experience.  I was at the drug store checking out and I heard a song being played on their sound system.  It was Ken’s favorite old gospel song.  I spoke to the cashier girl and said, “hey, that song is an old gospel song and it was one of my brother’s favorite old gospel songs.”  Just then, my phone started playing that same exact song by the same artists.  I grabbed my phone and let the cashier hear what was happening.  I said, listen to this, I didn’t play this, it just started playing on it’s own.   In amazement, she said, you need to make a sign of the cross, so I did.  It left us both speechless.  I have never seen or heard of anything like it and I could hardly believe what had just happened.

I went out to my car and sat for a moment thinking about what had happened.   The more I thought about it the more Ken came to mind.  I knew this was too strange to not be some kind of God thing.   I mean, what are the chances of the store’s music being Ken and my song, and then have it start playing on my phone by itself.  So I prayed about it and said, “God, is there a message in this for me, are You trying to say something?”

I had talked with Ken about spiritual things and the need for us to be thankful for what God had done for our family and for all the blessings He had brought our way over the years.   Then I prayed with him and asked him to read some scriptures everyday and meditate on them.   I also asked him to pray and ask God to reveal more of Himself.   I told him if he did that he would start seeing Him in everything, he said he would.   Yet, I wasn’t real sure if he was able to take hold of what I said.   Yet, I knew something different was happening in him.  There was a peacefulness that was very apparent that I had never seen in him before.

As I sat in my car outside the store, I was thinking about all this.   Then I felt I heard a message strong and clear, “He made it!”  The song said, “I won’t have to cross Jordan alone” and something unexplainable had just happened to let me know that he made it.   I don’t understand these things but I know they happen and I believe in them.

Now, I have full assurance of where my brother Ken is.  He is on the other side free from all suffering heartache and pain.   It’s the place we were taught to sing about and believe in.   It is very real, and wonderful things like my experience at the drug store do happen so God can speak to us.   “Thank You Lord, for this amazing experience.”

Mike Michaelsen